Many citizens of Worms fondly remember the area around the old raft harbour as „Naturfreundehaus“ through the years: with great dedication of the members of the club, many a party was celebrated, delicious homemade cake was eaten or one or two beers were drunk. This era began in 1949, experienced the construction of the famous building complex in 1965 and lasted until the closure of the Naturfreundehaus in 2011.

However, the area on the Rhine has an even older history. After the foundation of the German rowing federation in 1883, Worms people soon took a liking for the new physical training and founded the great rowing tradition in Worms. A total of 24 gentlemen from „bourgeois circles“ initially launched the „Wormser Rudergesellschaft“ and as early as 1911 another club, the „Wormser Ruderverein“, was founded.

A suitable clubhouse was already built in 1912 on the headland between the raft and winter harbour - the „Alte Ruderhaus“! After the bridge over the Rhine was blown up in the last days of the Second World War, the wheelhouse was also damaged - a new home on land was found after the merger with the rowing association in their club rooms on the Rhine promenade, in the building of today’s restaurant „Hagenbräu“.

On these historical roots the team of the „Alte Ruderhaus“ has established a new tradition of good middle-class hospitality in Worms, joy of good food and sociable get-together!